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July Boxes: Off they Go!


Well, kids. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for — July Birchboxes are heading out the door! We know you’re excited about our special Cynthia Rowley collaboration and you only have to wait a little bit longer. The first big wave of boxes went out this morning, and the rest will be on their merry way by Saturday morning. One exception: if you signed up for the first time in July your box will be on it’s way next week.

Fun fact: This is our eleventh shipment! We’re coming up on our one-year anniversary in September…and we have big plans. And keep an eye out later this month for our Limited Edition Cynthia Rowley Gift Box, a special collection of products for hands, feet, and body!

I’ve never been more excited for mail!!!!!!!

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    i might have legitimately just squealed at my desk. can you tell today is a productive day?
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    I’ve never been more excited for mail!!!!!!!
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