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I dont know if this warrants a whisper post (or what’s the point of a whisper post writing a post in italics) but we’ve FINALLY gotten some really exciting news on the housing hunt process.  And, well, I’m doing a silent happy dance in my cube right now.

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This weekend was for come-to-jesus talks about priorities

See…we were met with some unexpected financial news.  Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve been sending my parents money every month to tuck away in savings.  Perhaps for a car, perhaps for a wedding, or perhaps for a down payment on a house.  Enter lots of frustrated and angry tears when we found out that ol’ GB surgery ate up ALL of it, and then some.  Yep, 5 years of savings down the tube because of shitty insurance and a shitty unexpected surgery.  (No but really.  I’ll stay off of my health care soapbox, but if you pay for insurance, minor surgery shouldn’t fucking cost you 6k + out of pocket.)

So we sat down and looked at our monthly expenses and what I could save in time for my half of the down-payment.  And we were met with a lot of hard decisions.  Anniversary trip?  Out.  Out of state weddings?  Out.  Expensive date nights?  Out.  Beach trips this summer?  Out. 

We’re trying to stay positive, and focus on the end goal.  In 5 years, what will matter more?  I’m thankful that both of us are on the same page, that this house is our #1 priority.  And that I’ll have Alex to re-focus me on the big picture when I’m grumpy that I can’t buy fun new clothes this spring/summer.

Sigh.  It’s not going to be a fun spring and summer.  But in the end I hope it will all be worth it! 

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Today, in housing questions…

How long did the process take you from start to finish?  From meeting your realtor to unloading moving boxes into your new home.

We have our goal move in date.  But I’m starting to think we’re starting the process a little early.  What if we fall in love with a house this month?  I understand A LOT of snags can occur, but we’re not ready to sign papers yet.


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Step 1…figuring out what is and should be a priority

I realize I’m extremely lucky to be buying in probably the best market I’ll ever see in my life, and in a city with crazy low housing prices. 

#1 priority is location.  I’m only looking in Raleigh.  And only looking in a few specific areas (for NC tumblrs, this includes 5 points, Oberlin/Cameron Village, North Hills, and Blueridge/Glen Eden part of the Crabtree region).  Luckily, I was surprised to find a ton of properties in my price range.

#2 priority is a yard.  I love to entertain.  Cookouts happen a few times a month at my current home.  I dont need acres, but I need a space large enough to grill, dine, and enjoy warm weather activities.  Deck/patio is a must have.

#3 priority is the kitchen.  I love to cook.  I don’t need a brand new updated kitchen (however a gal can dream, right?).  Upgrades can come eventually.  But I need counter space, lots of cabinets, and space I can grow into.

The rest?  I don’t know.  What used to be a priority seems like it wouldn’t be a huge investment to upgrade.  I was originally only looking at homes with 1.5+ bathrooms.  But google tells me I could add in a 1/2 bath for around 5k and a full bath for 10k.  If I find a 2 bedroom 1 bath house for a great price in a great location, couldn’t that be added in to the mortgage before I move?  Same with a fence, seems like I could fence a small yard for under $5k.  Is it crazy as a first time home buyer to be thinking about renovations?   

Same with style of home.  I always said I wouldnt buy a townhome or condo because of the yard factor.  But I’m finding a lot of places with a large deck and yard (some even fenced).  Although I’d have the added cost of HOA dues, many come with a pool (woo hoo!).

So to all of you homeowners…What did you originally enter the process thinking was a priority?  Did this change?  What became your top?

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Have I mentioned I’m entering the terrifying/exciting world of buying my first home?

You know how newly engaged/pregs bloggers promise their blog wont turn into a wedding/baby blog?  And 80% of the time they fail at that promise, but you (mostly) don’t mind because you love them and it’s fun to learn about the process through them?

I will make no such promise.  Look forward to lots of posts about what I’m sure will be a roller coaster process of buying my first home.  Please pretend to enjoy the ride.

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